Neo-Classicism and Greek Revival: What is Really the Difference?

What is the difference between Neo-Classical architecture and the Greek Revival style?  The key is in the proportions of the building; while the Romans certainly copied their architectural style from the ancient Greeks, they were also influenced by their northern… Continue Reading


Architectural Styles

What makes St. Louis’s architecture so stunning, and worthy of documentation?  In many ways, St. Louis followed all of the trends of stylistic change that every American city saw over the last two-hundred years.  St. Louis does not perhaps have… Continue Reading


Three Year Anniversary of Saint Louis Patina: Favorite Photos

All this week, Saint Louis Patina is looking back over the last three years, revisiting the highlights of dozens of expeditions and thousands of photographs. 1) Highway 40, Closed to Traffic 2) Abandoned Diner, Goodfield, Illinois Update: Demolished 3) Doric… Continue Reading