Armour Meat Packing Plant Coming Down

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On Saturday, probably in order to avoid interrupting traffic on nearby I-70 or the surrounding industrial areas, the first half of the Armour Meat Packing Plant, one of the coolest ruins I have ever had the opportunity to explore, was imploded in a giant cloud of dust.

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I had been warned it was going to happen, but I didn’t know it was happening on Saturday, so I missed it. Ever since IDoT had published a map showing a new road going right through it, I was worried it was on borrowed time.

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Well, technically only the refrigeration plant was destroyed on Saturday. The slaughterhouse was still standing when I went by that evening.

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I took hundreds of pictures over the visits where the owners allowed me and others escorted by the guard to visit the property. It was stupendous, and I realize I still have some photos that I haven’t published yet.

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Warning: To those urban explorers out there, under no circumstance should you visit the site in this state; there were hundreds of feet of tunnels under the complex, and I have no idea what has happened to their stability after the explosion-induced implosion on Saturday. Plus, it’s trespassing anyway.

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  1. This place was such a beauty, sad to see it go. There was equipment that seemed museum worthy to me. Hopefully there were things salvaged.

    • Thanks, Josh! I actually have your video hotlinked already up at the top. Do you know when they’re going to demolish the other half?

  2. Well, i can happily say that i did get to visit it at least once before it came down. I had hoped to see it again. I’ll miss seeing that old smokestack from I-64 when i go visit my grandparents.

  3. A beautiful wild great horned owl let my friend and I pet it up in the top of one of the buildings. It was a surreal and amazing experience and place.

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