1. Who is responsible for the upkeep of these mausoleums? Is it the descendants through a trust or will or the cemetery?

    • Depends, I would imagine; if the contract says perpetual care, then the cemetery does. I don’t know the legal situation with the tomb.

  2. This is one of the most handsome mausoleums I’ve ever seen; it’s amazing! Could it be that the hole in the roof is an oculus (as seen at the Pantheon, etc.)?

  3. Cool. I worked at Bellefontaine Cemetery during the summer as a kid, but I’ve never actually been in Calvary. I’ll have to change that. Is that limestone? It definitely looks older than your average Bellefontaine mausoleum, which I believe are almost all granite.

    • Mark, yes it appears to be limestone or sandstone. It is indeed very old; the sign says that it was moved there after cholera fears closed the cemeteries downtown.

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