Bluff View Park

Opened on August 7, 2015, Bluff View Park off Old State Road is a wonderful new addition to St. Louis County Parks. There seems to be a previous history to the acreage, as there are the remnants of an old fence line with concrete posts that cuts through the property.

And then, you come out onto a clearing where there are some yucca plants growing, like they were left behind from landscaping.

I think there might have been a house here originally, as there are some concrete foundations left from some small outbuildings.

But then there’s the view! Looking out over the Meramec Valley, this is far west of Castlewood State Park, and even west of the small hamlet of Sherman, and the small park of Sherman Beach, which I’ve looked at before. Across the river is the former Pevely Farms, which has been developed into golf courses, as well as the town of Lewisburgh and that zombie subdivision. It is a spectacular little gem of a park, well worth visiting.

I am fairly certain the photograph below shows the bluff just east of Glencoe, on top of which the new park’s vista is located.

The Meramec River near Glencoe, Missouri, late 19th Century, Photograph by John W. Dunn, Missouri History Museum, N40440.

Please join me Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at 7:00 PM at the Missouri History Museum for my lecture on my latest research into Adam Lemp’s development of the cave property on Cherokee Street in the early 1860s, with new discoveries from historic maps, business contracts and examination of the lagering cellars under the brewery. Admission is free.


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