1. I can’t add anything to this, but the place was renowned for its chicken. An uncle took my Grandmother there at least once a month back in the ’40s and ’50s.
    Two other famous “chicken places” of pre and post WWII were Madame Defoe’s waaay out on Manchester Road (OK – in Manchester, I think) and the Green Parrot Inn on old Big bend in Kirkwood, between New Big Bend and Ballas. The latter building is still there, but has been converted into a home. I don’t know if Madame Defoe’s is still around, since I never knew exactly where it was – I was just barely a teen when it closed – I think it went back to a few years before WWI.

  2. I have to wonder now if Buckingham’s and Green Parrot Inn were somehow related. This postcard was with my grandfather’s photos, so I suppose he went there. I don’t remember going to Buckingham’s, but he took us to the Green Parrot Inn a lot. The owner was a good friend of his. An unrelated, but small world story. My husband raffled off one of his handmade guitars for a cause. (Holt Musical Instruments, shameless plug) The winner of the raffle guitar runs his business out of the Buckingham building.

  3. I purchased a tackle box at an auction today and in it was a matchbook from this restaurant had no idea it was that old.

  4. Hi — my parents apparently went to Buckingham’s restaurant on Manchester for their ‘wedding breakfast’ in 1948. Do you know the whereabouts of the house (street address)?

    • Insert 38.612829,-90.352569 on Google or Bing maps.
      The building is now occupied by Hensley Construction, 8949 Manchester.

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