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Nelson Atkins Museum, Interior of New Addition

I was greatly impressed how the Henry Bloch addition sensitively complements the older Nelson-Atkins building.

It might be cliche, but it really is a symphony of curves and angles that harmonize together.

I was left wanting to just explore the new wing, walking up and down the long ramps and staircases.

The contemporary art shown in the new wing looks great in its complementary surroundings.

Modern architecture can reconcile with the classical art of the past.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri

I like the Nelson Atkins building a lot; it’s from that period where Neoclassical architecture in America became much more serious, severe and more modern.

Anchored by the standard four colonnades on each front, it recently saw a massive expansion project that we will look at later.

Bas-relief panels illustrate what is presumably the history of Kansas City.

The original smokestack and shuttlecock make an interesting pair of opposites.

Kauffman Center for the Arts, Kansas City, Missouri

I was completely stunned at the incredible new performing arts center just south of downtown Kansas City. I was in particularly impressed at the ingenious and innovative design of the building, which dominates the skyline. Daring architecture has always been present in American cities, and it’s nice to see they chose not to look to the past but towards the future.