Greer Avenue Between Marcus and Euclid Avenues, South Side

I’ve been documenting some of the streets on either side of Kingshighway, which are known as the Kingsway West and East neighborhoods. For simplicity sake, and I know it would annoy many people, they’ve been lumped into the Wells-Goodfellow tag.… Continue Reading


The Greater Ville and Western Lutheran Cemetery, Late Summer 2021

I decided to check up on the Western Lutheran Cemetery, which I had not visited January of 2021, and had not really looked at closely nor walked the grounds since January of 2019. I came down Ashland Avenue, and to… Continue Reading


Fair Avenue, West Side of Fairgrounds Park

The west side of Fairground Park once held the leafy estates of Italianate and Second Empire country homes, but as the city expanded, and the park itself pushed its boundaries out to what is now Fair Avenue, apartment buildings, churches… Continue Reading


Natural Bridge Avenue Between Warne and Clay Avenues, South Side

Heading west on Natural Bridge Avenue, there are more surprises that can be enjoyed, including this massive duplex on the right above. There seems to be more single family houses west of Warne Avenue. Sadly, there is more abandonment, with… Continue Reading


Natural Bridge Avenue Between Vandeventer and Warne Avenues, South Side

I know that many people, including business owners along Natural Bridge Avenue, have spoken out and criticized the “road diet” that has considerably narrowed the major thoroughfare through a multitude of North St. Louis neighborhoods. There were concerns that it… Continue Reading