Revisiting Wells-Goodfellow, One Year Later

Well, technically it’s a month or two early since these photos are from mid-December 2017, but I wanted to see what has been happening to the places I photographed last year. Short answer: nothing positive. For example, the building above,… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #47, 3900 Block of 19th Street

I’ve long been fascinated by the near perfect block of 19th Street in Hyde Park. There are only a couple of demolitions and vacant lots. But unfortunately, there are far too many abandoned buildings. This house is crooked, and I… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #43, 1500 Block of Agnes Street

Agnes Street is in good condition through this block. But there are some abandoned buildings, such as the one below. If you look closely, you can see the wreckers were sloppy and stopped demolishing the front wall a couple of… Continue Reading