Benton Park West, Revisited Again


Apartment living to many St. Louisans is not glamorous, but for most of this city’s history, the wealthy and well-to-do lived in exquisite apartment buildings, such as these two, mixed in with other houses. I got back to photograph these… Continue Reading


Northwestern Compton Heights


Separated by Russell Boulevard there is a small pocket of stunningly beautiful houses in the northwestern portion of the Compton Heights area. Called by some Reservoir Square or Compton Hill, the area developed in the Nineteenth Century, with in-fill continuing… Continue Reading


Old Concordia Theological Seminary


One hundred years ago, it must have been something to travel down South Jefferson, and come across what amounted to a veritable acropolis of German Lutheran society. The Lutheran Hospital, Lutheran School of Nursing, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Concordia Publishing,… Continue Reading