Clayton-Forsythe Building, Clayton


Most Enhanced and Clayton 155

I had never seen this building before, but it’s worth checking out; it turns out my colleague Toby Weiss had already discovered it years ago. As more of Clayton is demolished, this building is a fitting tribute to what could be.

Most Enhanced and Clayton 174 Most Enhanced and Clayton 159 Most Enhanced and Clayton 162 Most Enhanced and Clayton 163 Most Enhanced and Clayton 166 Most Enhanced and Clayton 168 Most Enhanced and Clayton 172

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  1. Jim Kroeger

    05/30/2014, 12:28 pm

    My pediatric dentist, Dr. Margaret Tolson, had her office in this building. My parents took me and my sister to her from the late ’50s to the mid-’60s. Her husband, who I believe was a medical doctor, had the adjacent office and they shared a waiting room.

  2. Tom Maher - Kirkwood MO

    05/30/2014, 02:56 pm

    Is it now slated for renovation (or demolition)? It certainly seems – umm – “underutilized.”
    The images in the windows threw me for a bit; I thought they were, first, views of patrons dining inside and then second, reflections of patrons dining outside.
    Then I did a Homer Simpson D’oh…

  3. Ann

    05/30/2014, 09:27 pm

    It makes me sad to see it unoccupied… it used to be a thriving strip! There was a fabulous florist there…

  4. Jessica

    06/07/2014, 03:47 pm

    Many Clayton businesses have been moving because of the lack of parking in Clayton combined with the high rent. Once Colonial Place (next to Ladue Crossing) finally opened back up (not sure why that took SO long), many Clayton businesses moved in there.


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