Clemens Mansion: Part 1, What Else Is There to Say?

Update: Demolition was completed by the spring of 2018.

As I walked west on Cass Avenue, towards the smoldering ruins of the Clemens Mansion, the sound of water trickling as it ran out of pipes and gutters reached my ears.

The firefighters had to engage in some massive forestry work (since their colleagues in that division of city government refused to cite Paul McKee for violating the law) to get to the raging inferno.

In fact, even after the fire department’s landscaping work during the conflagration, the amount of out-of-control trees and weeds still largely conceal the mansion’s front facade.

I honestly couldn’t get any clearer views from the street.

What else is there to say? One set of laws for the wealthy and politically-connected, and one set of laws for everyone else. The City of St. Louis is not really a democracy anymore; choked to death by one-party rule, and pathetic robber baron corruption. And stupidity, if that wasn’t already evident in our leadership.

The collapse of the chapel happened all the way back in May of 2008.

Initial reports that the old Cass Bank building caught on fire turned to be untrue, fortunately. It was actually the old chop suey place next door.


  1. My, what a convenient tragedy for McKee.
    I laughed at his crocodile tears in the P-D’s article …
    HYPOCRITE! PARVENU! OK to combine those words … 😉

  2. I’m almost relieved to see this sad building put out of its misery, it was clearly never going to happen in time. thanks for recording its history through the years.

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