Clemens Mansion: Part 2, Further Examination

Update: Demolition was completed by the spring of 2018.

Under no circumstance should you get close the Clemens Mansion; the walls are far too unstable. I captured these images with a zoom lens.

But you don’t need to worry about getting access if you want to risk your life; the site is still completely unsecured, and the last time I checked, is a perfect example of an “attractive nuisance.”

While politicians refuse to enforce the law, occasionally our judges enforce it, which is nice, when it happens.

Honestly, other than blue sky through the windows, the front facade is not really in any worse shape than it was on July 11, which of course is terrible shape.

Another hole hacked in the impenetrable undergrowth around the mansion.


  1. Went around to the front side facing Cass. The porch and walls in that area still look fairly solid. I imagine that they’ll have to knock the whole thing down though.

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