College Hill in the Snow #14: Grand Water Tower, 9:15 AM

I once wrote that George I. Barnett designed the Grand Water Tower to look like it was the relic of a long-gone civilization, and with the way that the city has disappeared around it, his wish has ironically come true.

Please join me March 20, 2019 at 10:30 AM in the Lee Auditorium at the Missouri History Museum as part of Johnny Rabbit’s Untold Stories and Secrets of St. Louis, where I will be speaking about some of my favorite “hidden houses” and Dr. Adam Hammer.


  1. I love your work. I have made two trips to north side St. Louis and am hoping to go back this summer. I photographed that water tower in July and also a building which I learned from your site was the Jewish Orthodox Old Home. I have read that these are dangerous areas though.

    • Thank you, Matt! Please stop by some of the businesses and restaurants up there when you go next time. I highly recommend Jerk Soul in Hyde Park if you haven’t tried it yet, or La Mancha Coffee House in Old North.

  2. Chris, thanks and I will check those out. I wanted to visit St. Louis because I am a longtime fan of the movie “Escape from New York.” Most of the NYC scenes were filmed in STL, including the Chain of Rocks Bridge and the area where there was a fire in 1976 where Schlafly Tap Room is located. Fox Theatre, Masonic Temple and Union Station were other filming locations. I came across the north side while driving to Bellefontaine Cemetery and the St. Augustine Catholic Church caught my eye. I went inside that church last summer which is not something I normally do. I also saw another church that I have learned is now an indoor skateboard rink.

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