Cote Brilliante Elementary School

Located in the Greater Ville, Cote Brilliante Elementary is not actually on the street of the same name, which is further to the south. It is poorly spelled French for “shining hill,” and was the name for the tracts of land and the additions nearby due to a Native American mound located in the area. The school is located at the corner of Marcus, Cora and Kennerly.

Cote Brilliante School, 2616 Cora Avenue, William B. Ittner, Architect, Photograph by Oscar C. Kuehn, c. 1910, Missouri History Museum, N33193

It is an interesting school, with some reflections of the Colonial Revival, but also some Tudor Revival at the same time. The school is closed, and the front doors are covered in plywood.

As typical with a William B. Ittner school built in 1904, the front portal is the star (and I suspect there was a window originally in that blank white space below), and the ornament simplifies further away from the center of the building.


  1. This was my first school. I attended kindergarten here perhaps 1st and 2nd grade. That was in 1958. It was a beautiful school then and still is.

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