1. Wasn’t there talk of rehabbing it few years ago? Do I misremember Joe Edwards being involved with it?
    Back in the late ’50s-early ’60s, my sister was dating a Notre Dame student and the Wabash ran to Chicago and then hooked up with an interurban that ran directly to South Bend. I recall many visits with her to that station and picking her up. I don’t recall much about the interior, save that it was pretty elaborate, at least compared to our MoPac station here in Kirkwood.
    While obvious, one descended stairs (elevator in ‘my day’) to get to the tracks.
    A-HA – from 2016: https://nextstl.com/2016/05/new-owner-historic-wabash-station-loop-wustl/

    • Yes, there was talk of opening a restaurant or some sort of event space. I don’t know what happened to that plan.

      • What a ridiculous missed opportunity to use this AS THE METRO STATION when Metro opened. Another example of why Metro has been the failure it is IMHO.

        • I agree that utilizing the station as part of the Metro platform would have made sense, welcoming residents and visitors in grand style to one of St. Louis’s most important entertainment districts. Combined with the trolley platform, it would have just made sense.

    • I miswrote “elevator,” when it should have been “escalator.”

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