1. The Thurston house is at the corner of Oakley Place and Plymouth Avenue.
    A kinda eclectic block house is at the corner of Oakley and Julian! Wow!
    Thanks, Chris – I never knew these houses existed.
    My house in Kirkwood uses the same type of “textured” (word ?) blocks on its above ground block foundation; it was built in 1940

  2. Who was E.H. Thurston? I can’t find any information about him online.

    • Kyle, I have to admit I don’t know, either. I was only able to glean his name from property records, and passed his name along to my readers.

  3. He had something to do with local big business, as his name – and his wife’s – are all over teens-’20’s-’30’s issues of the P-D. That’s all I could find ether.

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