Eugene Nims House, Bee Tree County Park

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Bee Tree Park is the former estate of Eugene Nims, the founder of Southwestern Bell. The house served as a summer residence, and the design features large entertainment rooms and less private space than would be perhaps normal. Logically, the open spaces provided great views over the Mississippi River. It was designed by famed architects Maritz and Young.

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Bedrooms each possessed their own sleeping porches, as you can see above.

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This is probably one of the more elegant Maritz and Young houses I have seen, and its setting amongst the river bluffs adds to its character.

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I would assume the barn and presumably a spring house are original.

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South of the house up in the bluffs, I came across these two depressions. Are they man-made, or natural? I couldn’t tell.

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  1. Granted, it can be hard to tell from photos, but I would venture to guess those depressions are the early starts to sinkholes.

  2. At least one of the depressions if not both are man made. There are the remains of a foundation in one of them and they are fairly close in proximity. I live about a third of a mile from the park and have been regularly walking and running the trails for 25 years. Thanks for the photos. There is also some interesting stuff on the trail to the north of the house but one has to look closely!

  3. The trail I was referring to that had the depressions is still open. I walked it about a month ago. The trail to the north is still open. It leads to a couple of benches with overlooks of the river. There was a informal trail to the north of that that one could carefully take down to the river.

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