Frank Lloyd Wright Studio, Oak Park

CAM and Oak Park 065

The Frank Lloyd Wright Studio and Home was so expensive that I didn’t have the money to go in. That’s too bad, as I’m sure people of all economic levels deserve to see it. I guess art history is becoming the realm of the elite and wealthy. Well, enjoy these pictures of the outside.

CAM and Oak Park 056

CAM and Oak Park 057 CAM and Oak Park 058 CAM and Oak Park 060 CAM and Oak Park 062


  1. Heck – the tour of the Kraus house here in Kirkwood (in a park maintained by the County…) costs $10, with $5 for kids under 12 (no Seniors’ price) – and absolutely no photos of the inside are allowed (???). Reservations are required.
    So much for eddycating the public…

  2. Holy Moses, $17 for a twenty minute tour?! Yikes! I already know more about FLW than most docents, so what’s the point of a guided tour? Just point my wife and me in the right direction, and we’ll do the rest.

    I suppose we’ll have to do some saving for our Grand Midwestern Frank Lloyd Wright tour. (…one of these days).

  3. You can enjoy a 1-hour, docent-led tour of one of FLW”s most interesting buildings, the Marin County Civic Center, for only $5.00. Or you can walk throughout the building for free. The Civic Center is still functioning as the main seat of Marin County administration. This was FLW’s last commission and it has been faithfully preserved and maintained for over 50 years.


    • Oh, god, I love that complex. One of his best designs, and frankly, one of the best civic center/government building groupings around. Right up there with Louis Kahn’s National Assembly complex in Bangladesh.

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