Hyde Park in the Morning Light #11, 1107 North Park Place

Built in 1905, this house right on the corner is a great example of the “Second Generation” of houses that went up along North Park Place. While I could not find the original builder, a Frederick C. Esselbruegge had left the Brown Hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, and moved into the house in 1920. Mr. Esselbruegge has an interesting story, as I discovered at his wife Charlotte’s Find a Grave page. I wonder if his grocery store or liquor business was in the building you will see below on 11th Street. Other records show he was also the victim of extortion, and it ended up in court. They are buried in St. John’s Cemetery in Bellefontaine Neighbors, which means they were most likely Lutheran. He had a son of the same name who was a doctor.

I doubt aqua was the original color of the porch roof ceiling, but the elegant woodwork is preserved. Those big pink granite columns surely came from Iron County.

Even after one hundred years, the columns look brand new.

This elegant curved wall and staircase anchors the corner, and might have been part of the overall design for North Park Place.

A balcony on the back service wing is still in good condition, and seems to still possess its original millwork.

The stable out back looks like it was converted to automobile use at some point.

But you can see the remains of what was the pulley beam for hauling hay bails up into the loft.

This cool little store facing 11th Street was built in 1925, and reflects how dense the neighborhood was at one point. I wonder if the house was converted into a boarding house at some point.


  1. This house looks occupied and somewhat maintained on street view…..a crying shame

  2. God, I wish I had the money to restore palaces like this to their former glory!

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