Krey Packing Plant

I have always viewed the old Krey Packing Plant from along North Florissant, and while it’s impressive from that angle, the real way to view its massive proportions is from one block to the west.

Its truncated smokestack stands on the right; the plant shows us that not all of the big players in the packing industry were in National City, across the river.

Apparently, the last chairman died recently. It seems there are still some hard feelings from his closing of the plant in 1978, according to one of the comments left on his obituary:

My father worked for Krey Packing Co. and was the last employee to lock the doors behind him. John Krey took my fathers pension at the age of 50! My father also invented a machine that John Krey stole and patented. My father never recovered from this and died a pauper at an early age. It’s un-nerving to know that John Krey has a house in Palm Beach and another in Ladue. Thanks for treating all your employees like the pigs you used to slaughter!


  1. My grandfather and his dad worked at this plant as a salesman and night watchman respectfully in the 20’s and 30’s. Is there any collection of historical items, pictures, paperwork from that time period that is publicly available?

    • Erin, unfortunately, I think Krey went out of business under some bad circumstances, and that sort of thing was not saved.

    • My great grandmother owened Krey meats and Krey meats did not go out of business and you could find a way in and you would totally find a bunch of historical things

      • David, I am always interested in hearing both sides of the story. Would you be interested in speaking with me?

      • I just found out this weekend that my grandfather is the one who painted the name on the side of the building. I would like to repaint it now at no charge. If at all possible to find the current owner of the building.

  2. I work in the deli at WalMart and not long ago, a lady – I’m guessing in her early 50s – asked for some Krey bologna. Being in my 50s myself and growing up in St. Louis, I remember Krey meats well, and fondly. (Their jumbo hot dogs were truly jumbo and delicious.) But I told the lady Krey is no longer in business. She was very adamant that Krey is still operating and that she still buys Krey meats in her hometown in southeast Missouri. I’m wondering if that could be possible?

      • Hey I worked for prey from 69 to 78 and it was purchased by the John agar company and moved some production to hunter meat plant in East st louis il until it closed

  3. My Uncle worked for Krey back in the 50’s and 60’s, and I’m trying to see if they have stuff for sell, like my Kray Zippo Lighter. Any info anyone could give me, please.

  4. Do you have any pics of the krey packing facility you can email me?
    My grandpa who is 92 worked there til the day it closed. I would like to bring him some joy with pics from his past

    • Hello, I don’t have a lot of pictures, but I can see what I can do! I got your LinkedIn message, as well. E-mail me at naffziger (at) gmail (dot) com is the best way to reach me.

  5. Hi I am trying to see if any former Krey employees would remember a gentleman named C.V Grossor Gloss not sure of correct spelling. He worked there as a meat packer as of 1970. Any help would be appreciated. And also a former Marine.

  6. Hey Joseph Leicht, do you remember the southeast mo. town the lady said where they sold Krey meats are sold, Krey meat products will never again be closely duplicated in this life on this planet!!!

    • Town and Country Supermarket in the deli Ironton,Mo and Country Mart(recently changed to Harp’s) in Park Hills,Farmington and Potosi,Mo also sell it in the deli….just bought some today 🙂

  7. Krey bologna is sold at or Walmart in southeast Missouri we live in poplar.bluff MO. It’s also available at other stores here.

  8. You can get Krey Bologna at Minninos Market in Cottleville. I worked there till they closed the kill floor in 1978.

    • Wow, thanks, Larry! Can you share any memories of what it was like to work there?

  9. I lived in the North St. Louis area, as a teenager in the 1970’s (& later as an adult til about 1980), several blocks from Hyde Park. As a teenager, walking all over the area, I remember the bad smell, as you would get close to the plant. I lived down by Windsor Park on Angelica St. Went to Clay School. Anybody from around there, always welcome to e-mail me.

    • Wow, that must have been something to live around there when the packing plant was still in operation!

    • Both my wife, and I, were raised there. Me on N 21st Street, between Ferry and Penrose and my wife, on Angelica, just a few doors down from Eilermann Furniture

      • Thanks for sharing! What was the address of Eilermann Furniture?

    • I lived in North saint Louis I lived on North Park place. I went to Clay School and to Central high School
      I graduated clay school January 59

  10. My name is Bill Hunt Jr. Worked as a foreman in city cooler (order filling dep.) until 1978 when Krey, was purchased by John Morrell. I worked for John Morrell until 1995. Retired and currently living in Estero Florida.

    • Thanks for checking in! Where did you work after Krey was purchased by John Morrell?

  11. I was the production manager @ Prairie Farms Dairy from 1995 until I retired in 2013. We moved to Estero Fl. In 20 13.

  12. I lived in North saint Louis I lived on North Park place. I went to Clay School and to Central high School
    I graduated clay school January 58

  13. Does anyone remember when you could redeem Krey ham wrappers at Kresge’s? It was during the mid 1960’s. I did it because my father owned his own grocery store back then so I was able to acquire a lot of wrappers.
    I can’t remember if you received stamps to purchase items or they gave you points for purchases.

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