Lindell Bank And Trust Drive In


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Lindell Bank and Trust has been on this corner of Grand and St. Louis Avenue for generations; right across the street from Carter Carburetor and a few blocks from Sportsman’s Park, it surely saw huge numbers of people come through its doors over the years.

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But with the popularity of the automobile surging, it built this Modernist drive-through on the street just south of the main bank building.

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While its an architecturally interesting building, unfortunately it predicts the eventual puncturing of sidewalks, meant for pedestrians, by automobile drives, allowing cars to cut across what had once been the safe haven for people on foot.  Now, throughout America, pedestrians frequently must take their lives into their hands or risk being run over by an automobile shooting across the sidewalk.

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4 Responses

  1. Tom Maher-Kirkwood

    12/13/2013, 08:38 pm

    Is that abandoned? The bank’s site does not show it, while the photo looks like there is activity in the main building, if not the drive-through.

  2. Amy in StL

    12/16/2013, 01:37 pm

    Lindell Bank has made it a point to keep their original branch on North Grand open. Its an awesome bank.

    • Tom Maher-Kirkwood

      12/16/2013, 08:38 pm

      Bully for it!
      I wonder the inside – is it as elaborate as the “newer” Cass Bank building which was turned into the Greyhound Depot after the “Downtown” one closed when the Taxpayer Dome was built? This is at N. 13th and Cass.
      I was in there in 1985 when I took the bus to Nashville to pick up a car. Very interesting experience…
      Not nearly as nice as the ’60s terminal – this was the site of a segment of the immortal “Plaines, Trains, and Automobiles.”


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