1. Spectacular.

    Would love to see some photographic documentation of the interior too.

  2. Amazing details! I’ve seen it from the Interstate and thought it was beautiful. Love your close ups! Any idea when it was built?

  3. I’ve always loved this building in East St. Louis. So sad to think it may not make it.

  4. Put in a request for talks to begin on acquiring and restoring it. If the actual building is safe to enter, I own Kirk Entertainment; and have the only person to have proof that he was Michael Jackson’s on-stage substitute; when the audience thought it was Michael they were seeing. He would perform a fundraiser concert there, to help restore it. If my company gets it, we will need a lot of volunteers to help clean it up. Once Joby performs the fundraiser, I also will need to hire E. St. Louis help for my company.

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