Markham Memorial Presbyterian Church

Bellefontaine Cemetery and Fort, Elsewhere 108

This former church seems to have sat on the former site of the Menard/Soulard Street Mission, which opened in 1875. I find the whole building confusing, as it was later a church.

Bellefontaine Cemetery and Fort, Elsewhere 109

Built in 1896 according the National Register Nomination, the building now houses offices. I would be interested in knowing the real story behind this building, and the correct chronology.

Bellefontaine Cemetery and Fort, Elsewhere 105


  1. Hello, Chris.

    My grandparents commissioned a stained glass window in this church as a memorial to a child of theirs who died in 1922.

    Is the building currently accessible to view?

    • I think it is a business of some sort now. I would imagine if you asked they would let you see the window if it is still there.

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