Merchants Ice and Fuel Company plant, Lewis Place


Ruins 036

Merchants Ice and Fuel Company was one of numerous companies that provided ice and coal for St. Louisans. Its plant now sits empty, surrounded by various other industrial buildings as well.

Ruins 035 Ruins 037 Ruins 034 Ruins 040 Ruins 032 Ruins 033

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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood MO

    06/30/2014, 01:01 pm

    These businesses were scattered all around the Metro area years ago. There was even one in Kirkwood, located near the MOP RR station. It’s name, the Kirkwood Ice & Fuel Co., has been carried forward by a good local bar.

    My ex’s family business was the same in Jennings many decades ago – Fix Ice & Fuel. Having seen the writing on the wall after WWII, it was changed into a cement company, Fix Mix, and survived for decades; it poured much of the foundations in the burgeoning North County subdivisions for years after the War.


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