More Devastation East of the Interstate


Southside and Elsewhere 010

I often tell people that large numbers of people once lived in the areas now east of I-70 and I-55, but that the interstates destroyed their connection to the rest of the city to the west. But what is so interesting is that many of these buildings continued to be occupied, often by people I must say with no disrespect intended, to be a little rough around the edges.

Southside and Elsewhere 008

But certainly it takes a certain level of toughness to live in these forgotten nether regions, once a desirable and short walk to the industry along the river, they became orphans. Technically, these houses were originally part of Old North St. Louis’s original town grid, but that connection is now often forgotten.

Southside and Elsewhere 009

Sadly, even the resilient residents of these houses have moved out now too, and the proverbial dumped tires and devastation follow shortly.

Southside and Elsewhere 011

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  1. Paul

    06/27/2014, 10:54 am

    Hi Chris,

    I grew up in Belleville in the 1980’s, and my wife grew up in Kirkwood, so we both enjoy your work. It saddens me to see areas fall into disrepair, but as an “architectural geek” I do understand the reasons though, and continue to be fascinated by it all.

    I have one question, in your comments did you mean to say “I must say with no *disrespect* intended,” or is your comment correct and as you intended it?

    Take care,

    Paul Pearson
    Centennial, CO


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