Northwoods, Part One

Wow, Northwoods is a really nice town! It is a good size, and has the critical mass to have the tax base to be fiscally solvent without engaging in any of those tricks that violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

But I get worried when I see houses here and there that look like this below. Northwoods is in the unaccredited Normandy School District (Or is it accredited this week? I don’t know). As a high-ranking CFO once told me, even though she was never going to have children, the health of her community’s school district in St. Charles County was of utmost importance to her: everything else falls into place behind the schools.

Northwoods’s population is slightly older than the rest of North County, and its homeownership rate is higher, as well. It could be a bastion of strength as other communities struggle around it.

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