Edina, Northeast Missouri

Edina is one of those towns that most people just blow through at exactly the speed limit–ever wary of speed traps in small towns.Which is a shame, because people should take the time to look out the windows as they slow down to 20 mph.I admittedly blew through Edina numerous times over the four years that I drove up to Truman State via Route 6, one of those roads that really is a pastiche of a bunch of old county roads that someone decided to bother giving an appellation to decades ago. The courthouse is interesting in that it looks to be from the early 20th century, even though most courthouses in Northeast Missouri are from the late 19th Century.Edina has a full three sides of its town square lined with cast iron fronts along with some vinyl siding and brick–and a little vitrolite.Even though it was raining, I still got some great shots of the town square, before hopping back in the car to continue on to Kirksville.