Poke-A-Dot Lounge Coming to Life


Chicago and St. Louis 292

After wasting away as a sleazy storefront, the northeast corner of Cherokee and Jefferson is coming back to life, with a sensitive facade restoration and renovation. Surely the newly revealed sign will remain.


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  1. patrick

    08/12/2014, 08:00 pm

    I’m told the up stairs once had a four lane bowling alley? Any idea if it still exists? If so, who could I contact for a tour?

    • Chris Naffziger

      08/12/2014, 08:14 pm

      I don’t know who owns it, unfortunately. It was originally a Wehrenberg theater.

  2. Pete

    08/14/2014, 01:50 am

    Drove past this location the other day…despite the renovation…it’s once again a crappy storefront. Very disappointing.

    • Chris Naffziger

      08/14/2014, 02:39 pm

      My sentiments as well. Particularly don’t like the “we unlock cellphones” sign out front.

  3. Patrick

    10/20/2015, 03:58 pm

    There’s a “Flo’s Poke-a-Dot Lounge” in Kansas City, Mo. Have to wonder if Flo got tired of the decline of Cherokee in the ’70s and moved down there to re-open. Nice to see the kind of renewal that’s going on in Old South St. Louis. My band played in town last summer at Blank Space and did an ‘in-store’ at Dead Wax last Saturday. Love your town.


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