Ruins Week: Central West End


Ruins 055

This is the northeastern corner of the Central West End, far from Euclid. It was built up in the years after the Civil War, and as it slipped into less prosperous times, it began to increase in density, and former mansions received storefront additions. This one collapsed recently. It’s interesting though, as you can see the original front wall of the house hidden back behind the collapsed storefront.

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  1. Mark

    07/21/2014, 10:14 am

    You might want to check out the corner of Laclede Station and Boyle. There’s a 2-3 story house that looks like it is being demolished that sits 1-2 lots west of Boyle. The house has been vacant for at least a year or two now. What I don’t understand is that it is in a very nice area and would be worth several hundred thousand dollars when restored. I still have hope they are just removing bricks to rebuild the walls…

    • Chris Naffziger

      07/21/2014, 12:04 pm

      Enlightened development has not come to that portion of the CWE yet, unfortunately.

      • Mark

        08/18/2014, 10:32 am

        Had reason to look that one up again today. The permit says, ” DEMOLISH 2ND STORY OF SINGLE FAMILY HOUSE PER PLANS ”
        … I’d like to see those plans. Maybe I’ll have to actually stop and look at their permits next time I drive by.


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