1. Wayside Community Garden. The house is the Hardy House, built in 1891 for John Mullanphy Cates and named for Thomas Walter Hardy, founder of the Hardy Salt Company and St Louis businessman, who had the longest residency there, between 1915-1966. The community garden was established in 2009 on Normandy School District property, according to the garden’s Facebook page. Like most old wooden “Victorian” houses, it has been mutilated with the application of vinyl siding and installation of vinyl windows. But the house could still be restored into a showplace with a little work.

    There is a nearby Stick Style building behind it on Bermuda Drive. It appears to have originally been a stable or some other type of ancillary structure, and, other than the application of formstone (or similar product) to the first story, it is more intact with the original windows and gable woodwork.

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