Short Street


Old North, Link, Sunset Memorial Park 014

The City of St. Louis was not by any means laid out by a single, all powerful planner. Rather, it developed slowly, with individual subdivisions often platted by private developers. In certain places, the results are amusing, as is the case with Short Street, a small stretch of pavement that was leftover when St. Louis Place’s streets didn’t mesh very well with the streets of Old North St. Louis.

Short Street

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  1. Paul

    08/24/2014, 02:04 pm

    Very cool! Shortest street in STL? I thought that Hemp in FPSE held that title… Sad to see how little is left of the buildings here though.

  2. CfR

    08/25/2014, 08:37 am

    I dunno, “Race Course Ave.” in next to tower grove and vandeventer is pretty stubby too!


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