Sisters of St. Peter Claver

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Old North, Link, Sunset Memorial Park 450

We couldn’t figure out if this small convent in Town and Country, off of old Route 141 was still occupied. There is a redevelopment notice posted out front saying that a school is moving in. The nuns were there as late as 2013. The property is well-maintained, but there were no signs of life around. I find these small religious structures tucked away in hidden corners of the county fascinating.


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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood MO

    07/12/2014, 04:59 pm

    Apparently only three sisters lived there, at least in 2013 – see:
    June story on its closing and development into St. Austin’s, a Catholic (non-parochial) grade school from the blog of a TC gadfly – scroll down about an inch or so:

    That is a huge chunk of mega-dollar value property. That school must have some bigga-buck donors. It’s a “traditional,” pre-modern Church school, apparently…


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