Millionaires’ Row, Cairo, Illinois

Italianate and Second Empire architecture dominates Millionaires’ Row, the grouping of lavish houses on Washington Avenue down the street from Magnolia Manor. This house, with its clean red brick, was my favorite. This Georgian Revival-esque house was probably one of… Continue Reading


Commercial Avenue and Its Environs, Cairo, Illinois

Commercial Avenue is really where Cairo’s history turns dark and tragic. The desolation that dominates the lower east side of the peninsula shows in the photo above. Though several blocks away, I could capture a clear shot of the remaining… Continue Reading


Further South than Richmond, Virginia: Cairo, Illinois

I finally made it to Cairo, Illinois with my father last week.  I have to admit, while I was prepared to see what many of my friends have already been documenting for years, I was struck how much more there… Continue Reading


Folsom Avenue, McRee Town

The eclectic nature of the area’s architecture continues on the northern end of the residential area. There was a Jewish population in the neighborhood for a while, as this former synagogue attests. Folsom Avenue is dominated by the gigantic Liggett-Meyers… Continue Reading