Jewish Home for the Aged and Hyde Park at the Turn of the Century

Thanks to help from a reader, Mark Baker, I gained access to this wonderful postcard view of the College Park/Hyde Park at what looks to be the turn of the Twentieth Century, which illuminated additional information on the Jewish Home… Continue Reading


Down by the River, Peoria, Illinois

Peoria is really a cool city; architecturally it reminds me of a lot of mid-sized Illinois cities: lots of four-squares and wood, balloon frame houses with interesting ornamentation.  Unlike St. Louis, there was never a building code that required all… Continue Reading


Irish Lane, Unzicker Road and Pleasantview Road, Washington Township, Illinois

Due to the increased productivity of farm machinery, there simply is not as much of a need for individual farmsteads.  They increasingly are abandoned, their buildings disappearing one by one. The remnants of past higher population density remain, such as… Continue Reading