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More Chouteau’s Landing


I love Chouteau’s Landing, largely because it is still so gritty and undisturbed by rehabilitation. Unlike Laclede’s Landing, the area is largely not scarred by huge parking lots that make its northern neighbor largely gone….

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Kinloch, Part 5

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Kinloch, despite its reputation, has much still going for it. An urban farm is cultivated by the city during the summer on vacant land. A hall of fame for Kinloch residents was just completed last…

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Keep Up the Bad Work!

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As the Preservation Research Office reported recently, an out-of-city absentee landlord is busily letting a neighborhood anchor deteriorate, with little or no effort at trying to repair the building. And why should he care? There…

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French Market


Tucked away, right in the middle of the jumble of streets that head into Downtown, is a one block stretch of street, an alley really, named French Market Court. French Market? Only five or six…

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