South on Compton Avenue #3: Gravois Park from Cherokee to Chippewa Street

Houses range from right after the Civil War, as can be seen above, to buildings built in the early Twentieth Century. These houses below sit far back from the street, alluding to their age. As neighborhoods developed over the decades,… Continue Reading


South on Compton Avenue #1: Tower Grove East South of Arsenal

Compton Avenue passes by a wide variety of houses and apartment buildings as it heads south through Dutchtown. Over the next five days, I will show pictures along this long avenue, starting first with the Tower Grove East portion south… Continue Reading


Dutchtown, Mid May 2017

Dutchtown is such a beautiful neighborhood. It has very little demolition, the houses are are in good shape, and the population is still very high–it is one of the densest areas of the city. But abandonment is creeping in, and… Continue Reading


Returning to College Hill

There was a funeral procession assembling on West Florissant Avenue, so we cut over through College Hill. This continues to be one of the most devastated neighborhoods in the city. It is deeply sad to see how this area has… Continue Reading