Hyde Park in the Morning Light #38, Destrehan West of 20th Street

Crossing over 20th Street, Destrehan Street gets even more interesting. Here, the Bungalow Belt gets even more pronounced, and while a few are abandoned, they are mostly occupied. But oh wow! The north side of the street is a long… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #19, 1400 Block of Angelica

Angelica Street east of 11th Street is gone, replaced by this foreboding overpass, which effectively kills the neighborhood from expanding any further. I’ve photographed these little guys before; they replaced an old country estate that finally was demolished and redeveloped.… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #16, 1400 Block of Newhouse Avenue

The 1400 block of Newhouse Avenue is so beautiful, but sadly most of the buildings are abandoned. And just about all of them are still standing! This is just to the north of the improving North Park Place. This could… Continue Reading


Around St. Engelbert’s, Penrose

The neighborhood around St. Engelbert’s is mostly from the early Twentieth Century, but some older houses are scattered throughout. These businesses above probably served parishioners coming out of Mass, or school children at the nearby school. But then there are… Continue Reading