Revisiting St. Louis Place, Early February 2019

I went by the site of the old Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, which is still a vacant lot since it was first damaged by a fire and then demolished. I was intrigued by a rectangle of concrete with rough… Continue Reading


Returning to St. Louis Avenue Now For Over A Decade

Update: See St. Louis Avenue further west of here in these three posts: here, here, here and here. The row of houses in between Parnell (really sort of the traffic artery Jefferson becomes up north) and N. Florissant Avenue is one of… Continue Reading


2,000th Post: In Search of Bob Reuter

Above: Bob Reuter’s boyhood home in the Fairgrounds neighborhood. I always go back and take a mental inventory of where I was when a friend of mine passes away.  What was going on, and did I feel anything different?  I… Continue Reading