JeffVanderLou, Early July 2018

Eleven years now I’ve been photographing JeffVanderLou, particularly east of Grand Boulevard, and perhaps what is most striking is how little has changed, and if anything has changed, it is always for the worse. It still baffles me how long… Continue Reading


Skinker-DeBaliviere #18, 6000 Block of Waterman Boulevard

The 6000 block of Waterman is perhaps one of the most diverse blocks in the neighborhood architecturally, with a fascinating mix of houses and apartment buildings, including this interesting one below, which again was probably built after the River des… Continue Reading


Skinker-DeBaliviere #11, 6100 Block of Kingsbury Place #2

Continuing down Kingsbury Place, there are more beautiful houses, many of them with massive classically-inspired pediments with balconies peaking out between the Corinthian columns. They have all been beautifully restored, and the different colored brick facades all function together in… Continue Reading


Skinker-DeBaliviere #10, 6100 Block of Kingsbury Place #1

Kingsbury Place, the western one, is just right off of busy N. Skinker Boulevard. The housing stock is spectacular, and rivals anything in the Central West End. There are several of these massive, “super” Dutch Colonial looking houses, with a… Continue Reading