Maryland Plaza Between Euclid and Kingshighway, North Side

Now known as Maryland Plaza, the stretch of street between Euclid Avenue and Kingshighway was originally just Maryland Avenue. But it was platted with wide setbacks, and fire insurance maps show that it was known as Maryland Place. The apartment… Continue Reading


Maryland Avenue Between North Newstead and Taylor Avenues, North Side

Crossing over North Newstead Avenue, mature trees block the view of the stately institutional building that stands on the northwest corner. If you traveled back in time over a century, the view would have been dramatically different. The entire eastern… Continue Reading


Maryland Avenue Between North Boyle and Newstead Avenues, North Side

Heading west on Maryland Avenue, there first is a very nice in-fill building, which I think is a condominium with three units. It looks good, and fits in well with the neighborhood. Next up is a historic building, and I… Continue Reading


McPherson Avenue Between North Newstead and Boyle Avenues, North Side

At the northeast corner of North Newstead and McPherson avenues, we see something surprising: an apartment building. It makes me wonder what would have happened to the rest of the block if the population of the Central West End had… Continue Reading


McPherson Avenue, North Taylor to Newstead Avenues, North Side

Passing over North Taylor Avenue, we enter two blocks of houses that resemble the large lots of land to the north on Fullerton/Westminster Place that we looked at a week ago. The first house, on the left above, is much… Continue Reading


McPherson Avenue Between Kingshighway and Euclid Avenue, North Side

Next, we head east on McPherson Avenue from Kingshighway, first passing by the former Second Baptist Church at Holy Corners. There are three U-shaped apartment buildings that follow, interspersed with houses. The first one is the Barwick, with its distinctive… Continue Reading


Westminster Place Between North Taylor and Walton Avenues, North Side

First off, look at this amazing stump! Alright then, moving along, as soon as we move past the gates of Fullerton Place, we are on regular Westminster Place, and the tone of the streetscape completely changes as we walk past… Continue Reading