Amazing Survivors, Compton Hill/Gate District

Lafayette Avenue, long replaced by I-44, is lined with some stunning houses on it, and its side streets. Above is a funeral parlor, probably built for that function. Above, this stately Second Empire mansion sits in the trees; I’ll come… Continue Reading


University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls

The University of Northern Iowa offers a fascinating ensemble of Early Twentieth Century academic buildings arranged around a quadrangle with a relatively unified architectural style and program that lasted until the 1960s when Modernist additions began to appear. Seerley Hall,… Continue Reading


Downtown Waterloo

Waterlooo, Iowa is a textbook example of how cities have purposely sabotaged themselves through an unquestioning belief in the suburbanization of America. The city once had a thriving downtown, anchored by Black’s Department Store, but in a fit of stupidity,… Continue Reading