Skinker-DeBaliviere #9, 6000 Block of Kingsbury Avenue

The 6000 block of Kingsbury Avenue is mostly houses, but there are a few small apartment buildings mixed in, as well. The architecture continues to be an eclectic group of revival styles, and combinations of European styles from the ancient… Continue Reading


Skinker-DeBaliviere #4, 6100 Block of Westminster Place

The stately Beaux-Arts houses with Corinthian and Ionic columns continue on Westminster, with their unique roof lines, almost a modified Mansard. There are also houses that are a mix of Tudor Revival with some Arts and Crafts influences; these houses,… Continue Reading


Skinker-DeBaliviere #2, 6100 Block of Washington Boulevard

The intersection of Washington and Rosedale features a whole row of apartment buildings, with clean lines and front doors inspired by Michelangelo, alternating between half lunette and pediment lintels. Then there are a row of perfectly painted Arts and Crafts… Continue Reading


Baden in Winter #32, Halls Ferry Road

Halls Ferry Road is a major commercial artery in North County, but it has a residential feel along its path through Baden. It has many of the same problems as back on the side streets. The Baden Library is in… Continue Reading