Shenandoah Avenue, Minnesota to Pennsylvania Avenues, North Side

Moving east on the north side of Shenandoah Avenue between Minnesota and Pennsylvania, there is a wide variety of houses, and there is really no way to quantify one overall style. The house below looks like something I would see… Continue Reading


The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 26: Oregon Avenue Between Osceola and Chariton Streets, West Side

Oregon Avenue north of Osceola Street represents the “standard” Dutchtown block; there is a mix of housing styles from the early Twentieth Century, with a few houses thrown in here and there from the Nineteenth Century after the Civil War.… Continue Reading


Discovering Shaw, 11: Castleman Avenue Between Tower Grove Avenue and Klemm Street, North Side

Before heading east on Castleman Avenue from Tower Grove Avenue, we see an apartment building that bends around the intersection. There is a substantial setback from the street, befitting the suburban feel of the original platting of the area. Once… Continue Reading


Discovering Shaw, Part 7: Russell Boulevard Between Spring Avenue and 39th Street, South Side

Looking at the south side of Russell Boulevard, again we see more houses that you would expect to see in the West End of St. Louis, three stories with Dutch Colonial rooflines or gabled roofs with elaborate dormers, as seen… Continue Reading


Discovering Shaw, Part 5: Russell Boulevard Between Grand Boulevard and Spring Avenue, South Side

Crossing the street to the south side of Russell Boulevard, and walking west of the Hutcheson Arms, at first we see similar houses–though if you look closely you realize it is really a two-family flat. Then we arrives at a… Continue Reading


Around the Gates, University City

The sun was setting as I took some pictures of the gates to University Heights, just to the west of the Loop. The lions are actually concrete casts of the originals, which are now in an undisclosed location. I still… Continue Reading


Benton Street Between Third and Sixth Streets, Valley Park

I willing be a guest on KMOX AM 1120 at 8:20 AM on Friday, January 17, 2020 talking about the 100th anniversary of the beginning of Prohibition. Please tune in if you’re able! Valley Park has some great architecture along… Continue Reading