Ensenberger Building, Bloomington, Illinois

The cool proto-modern Ensenberger, with elements of Art-Deco styling, has now been converted into condos. Designed by Arthur L. Pillsbury and Phillip Hooten, it opened in 1926. Apparently, the current facade is newer than the building itself, having been reskinned… Continue Reading


Corn Belt Bank Building, Bloomington, Illinois

The old Corn Belt Bank Building is an excellent example of Romanesque Revival skyscraper architecture, designed by George Miller in 1901. Louis Sullivan was already active, but by no means was his style universally accepted. Conservative architecture, such as shown… Continue Reading


Franklin Park and East of Downtown, Bloomington, Illinois

Bloomington’s east side possesses a wealth of architecture, well maintained, healthy and classic. Here are some of the houses I saw. Heavy on the Italianate, and then on the Queen Anne Style, as many Illinois towns are, I was interested… Continue Reading