Decimated JeffVanderLou

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JeffVanderLou is easily one of the most devastated and forgotten neighborhoods in the city. Straddling Grand Boulevard, it is not in the news anymore, as there are few people left. This poor church, below, was ravaged by brick thieves years… Continue Reading


Vernon Avenue West of Shaare Zedek

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This is definitely not an April Fools’ Day post. Heading west from the old synagogue, we were shocked at the severe state of desolation and abandonment along Vernon Avenue. It was really, really sad to see this. This is St.… Continue Reading


The Neighborhoods Around St. Augustine


The dilapidation of neighborhoods around St. Augustine, the church whose slow destruction I wrote about in June, also helps to create a feeling of hopelessness in the surrounding streets. Just south of the church, these two houses above are remnants… Continue Reading


Long Suffering Block on St. Louis Avenue Being Put Out of Its Misery, JeffVanderLou

St. Louis Place and Elsewhere 010

There looks to be some demolition of the long ago brick rustled houses on St. Louis Avenue just east of Garrison Avenue. It has long been an embarrassing blight. The streetscape is changing because of the demolitions, and I have… Continue Reading


JeffVanderLou, Revisited, Again

North City and Elsewhere 003

Heading through JeffVanderLou on North Market, one inevitably sees something new, or more often, a house or two that is even more devastated than the last time. This house sits all by itself now, with nothing surrounding it. It looks… Continue Reading