University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls

The University of Northern Iowa offers a fascinating ensemble of Early Twentieth Century academic buildings arranged around a quadrangle with a relatively unified architectural style and program that lasted until the 1960s when Modernist additions began to appear. Seerley Hall,… Continue Reading


Lancaster, Schuyler County

Lancaster is the small county seat of Schuyler County, due north of Kirksville on US Highway 63. As with many of the small, sparsely populated counties, Schuyler County required the rebuilding of its courthouse, designed by Kenneth von Aachen. Relatively… Continue Reading


Peoria State Hospital, Bartonville Outbuildings and Cemetery

Around the corner from the main administration building, there are your standard institutional buildings that I’ve seen at other hospitals around Illinois. I’m not sure what they were used for originally; were they dorms, or work spaces? I think they… Continue Reading