Crestwood Mall Demolition, Conclusion

Update: Due to public outcry, the large pile of dirt left behind, dubbed “Mount Crestwood,” was removed by October of 2018. There’s not much left to say about the demolition of Crestwood Mall; we have not learned from our past,… Continue Reading


Crestwood Mall Demolition, the Past is Now Back to the Present

Crestwood Mall is disappearing, but the recent demolition of the “front” of the mall, built in 1984 opposite the original strip mall shops, has reappeared, temporarily. Most fascinating to me, the curved original facade of the Sears, one of the… Continue Reading


Old Stix, Baer and Fuller Store Demolition Continues

The demolition of the old Crestwood Mall, and in particular its Stix, Baer and Fuller store, is accelerating as external evidence has appeared of interior demolition. The parking structure is long gone, and now the pavilion restaurant, once a hallmark… Continue Reading


Crestwood Mall, Demolition, Late July 2016

Obviously there’s a huge amount of work going on inside Crestwood Plaza, but the parking garage for the old Stix, Baer and Fuller is coming down slowly. Stylistically, the Stix, later Dillard’s department store was the most aesthetically pleasing, but… Continue Reading


Crumby Rundown Malls of St. Louis #2: Crestwood Mall

I hadn’t realized how far this mall had fallen since my high school days when I would go to Crestwood just about every weekend. I was alerted to its decline from Dead Malls, and decided last winter to go over… Continue Reading