Nicholson Place, Lafayette Square

I had always glanced down Nicholson Place while traveling down Lafayette Avenue, and had foolishly believed that the sadly truncated little street surely contained little history and few historic houses. After digging a little, I discovered I was dead wrong.… Continue Reading


Lafayette Avenue Between Mississippi Avenue and Nicholson Place

The block of Lafayette Avenue across from the park between Mississippi Avenue (formerly Park Place) and Nicholson Place is short, but it is packed with history. Sadly, Number 2 on Compton and Dry’s Pictorial St. Louis, the house of John… Continue Reading


Shenandoah Avenue, Minnesota to Pennsylvania Avenues, North Side

Moving east on the north side of Shenandoah Avenue between Minnesota and Pennsylvania, there is a wide variety of houses, and there is really no way to quantify one overall style. The house below looks like something I would see… Continue Reading


Shenandoah Avenue, Michigan to Minnesota Avenues, North Side

I’ve always been intrigued by the architecture of Shenandoah Avenue in Tower Grove East; it is distinct and much older. It was obviously platted and developed earlier than the rest of the neighborhood, which was largely built speculatively in the… Continue Reading


The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 28: Osage Street Between Compton and Michigan Avenues

East of Compton Avenue, and north of Marquette Park are a pair of four-family apartment buildings, one in bad shape, while the other is in great condition. Then there is this interesting Second Empire duplex that was combined into one… Continue Reading


The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 26: Oregon Avenue Between Osceola and Chariton Streets, West Side

Oregon Avenue north of Osceola Street represents the “standard” Dutchtown block; there is a mix of housing styles from the early Twentieth Century, with a few houses thrown in here and there from the Nineteenth Century after the Civil War.… Continue Reading


The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 25: Osceola Street Between Nebraska and California Avenues

Osceola Street, due to the superblock that was the former Maryville campus and right-of-way for I-55, is the first through east-west through street west into Dutchtown from South Broadway south of Meramec Street. Consequently, there is a lot of high… Continue Reading


The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 24: Minnesota Avenue Between Dakota and Osceola Streets, West Side

North of Dakota Street, Minnesota Avenue takes on a totally diverse character architecturally, with a wide variety of styles and sizes of houses. The two houses below are clearly twins, but the developer switched the front facade brick color and… Continue Reading