39th Street and Environs

From what I understand, many streets originally had numbers for names, indicating their distance from Main Street. But most were renamed. The houses along here are interesting, and there are a fair number of commercial properties converted to apartment. I… Continue Reading


South on Compton Avenue #6, Dutchtown #3

Oops, I still had some Dutchtown photos left from Compton Avenue! There is such a diversity of housing styles in this beautiful neighborhood. Senior citizens interested in attending a two-part lecture June 22 and 29, 2017 from 10:00-12:00 on the… Continue Reading


South on Compton Avenue #3: Gravois Park from Cherokee to Chippewa Street

Houses range from right after the Civil War, as can be seen above, to buildings built in the early Twentieth Century. These houses below sit far back from the street, alluding to their age. As neighborhoods developed over the decades,… Continue Reading


South on Compton Avenue #2: Benton Park West from Gravois to Cherokee Street

The far western corner of Benton Park West is far from its eponymous park, but it did once have a landmark nearby: Falstaff Plant No. 2, which is now mostly demolished. There is a mix of multi-family apartments, and cool… Continue Reading