Skinker-DeBaliviere #26, 5900 Block of Pershing Avenue

Closer to Des Peres Avenue, which was once actually the River des Peres, the houses are smaller, and some are newer, reflecting the covering of the stream in the early Twentieth Century. Note the house above to the left; it… Continue Reading


Skinker-DeBaliviere #24, 6100 Block of Pershing Avenue

Down closer to Forest Park Parkway, there are more apartment buildings, but they still are elegant, and I noticed many Washington University students coming and going. There are still single family houses, as well, and some in-fill, for that matter.… Continue Reading


Skinker-DeBaliviere #19, 6100 Block of Waterman Boulevard

My old joke is that St. Louis architects and builders liked to design apartment buildings that looked like houses, so people could go in and out with revealing that they were renters. The houses above and below were built as… Continue Reading


Skinker-DeBaliviere #18, 6000 Block of Waterman Boulevard

The 6000 block of Waterman is perhaps one of the most diverse blocks in the neighborhood architecturally, with a fascinating mix of houses and apartment buildings, including this interesting one below, which again was probably built after the River des… Continue Reading


Skinker-DeBaliviere #16, 6000 Block of McPherson Avenue

While houses on the busy intersections with Skinker are designed with two public facades, even back in the neighborhood at the corners with Rosedale, architects carefully composed the homes to look rational and grounded from both streets. Just say no… Continue Reading


Skinker-DeBaliviere #11, 6100 Block of Kingsbury Place #2

Continuing down Kingsbury Place, there are more beautiful houses, many of them with massive classically-inspired pediments with balconies peaking out between the Corinthian columns. They have all been beautifully restored, and the different colored brick facades all function together in… Continue Reading