Nebraska Avenue Between Wyoming and Juniata Streets, West Side

What I really like about Benton Park West is that unlike some neighborhoods in St. Louis, the the perpendicular streets to not suffer for the “dominant” streets. Frequently perpendicular streets are just the sides of houses, but not here. Wyoming… Continue Reading


Nebraska Avenue Between Utah and Wyoming Avenues, West Side

There are still some interesting four-family buildings north of Utah on Nebraska such as the one on the northwest corner above, but then the block turns over to two-family houses. As I’ve frequently remarked before, St. Louis builders were masters… Continue Reading


Nebraska Avenue Between Cherokee and Utah Streets, West Side

Heading north up Nebraska Avenue from Cherokee Street, there is a row of four-family flats on the west side of the street. They are technically identical in form, but they are individualized in their front facade ornamentation. One of things… Continue Reading


Park Avenue Between Jefferson and Missouri Avenues, North Side

Lafayette Square certainly has clearly defined borders; on the west it is the traffic sewer that is South Jefferson Avenue. Automobiles hurtle along this stretch, rushing to get to the I-44 interchange since there is not a complete set of… Continue Reading


Discovering Shaw, 21: Flad Avenue Between Grand Boulevard and Spring Avenue, South Side

Heading back west on Flad Avenue away from Grand Boulevard, the south side of the street has a different feel, with the Tudor Revival influenced house above. But there is another more Romanesque Revival house above with its huge tower.… Continue Reading


Discovering Shaw, 20: Flad Avenue Between Spring Avenue and Grand Boulevard, North Side

Like the first blocks west of Grand to the north, the 3600 Block of Flad is filled with impressive single family houses that show their owners’ and builders’ German heritage. Conical-roofed topped towers, turrets and rounded Roman arched windows show… Continue Reading