North on Compton Avenue #4: Gravois Park from Winnebago to Miami Streets, Revisited

This next stretch of Compton Avenue is really spectacular, with a wide variety of housing stock. See the east side of the street from June of 2017. You can see the west side here. There are more one-story bungalows, built… Continue Reading


Chippewa Street Between Arkansas and Tennessee Avenues, Gravois Park

Just west of Arkansas, prosperity ironically led to the annihilation of the historic buildings due to the need for parking lots for a bank. To the southwest, of course, was the old St. Anthony’s Hospital, which then went through different… Continue Reading


Chippewa Street Between Tennessee and Virginia Avenues, Gravois Park

Between Tennessee and Virginia avenues, Chippewa Street is almost entirely residential, and the buildings are a mixture of different revival styles from around the year 1900. They are in great shape, for the most part. So much for those balconies,… Continue Reading


Chippewa Street from Virginia to Oregon Avenues, Gravois Park

Update: See more of the street with historic photos from late summer of 2020. Hold on to your seats, because I need to do some explaining. In between Jefferson Avenue and Grand Boulevard, Chippewa Street bisects two neighborhoods, Gravois Park… Continue Reading