The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 32: Iowa Avenue Between Osage and Keokuk Streets, Revisited

I returned to photograph the block of Iowa Avenue between Osage and Keokuk streets because it was the first block of Dutchtown I ever photographed way back in 2008, and I find it interesting to see how it’s changed. It… Continue Reading


Missouri Avenue Between Ann and Shenandoah Avenues, McKinley Heights

I went and photographed the 2200 block of Missouri Avenue, walking north looking at the west side of the street until I reached Ann Avenue, and then turning around and photographing the east side. As the Sanborn Map from August… Continue Reading


Frenchtown, St. Charles

North Second Street in St. Charles goes through an interesting neighborhood named Frenchtown, not to be confused with the area of the same name in St. Louis just south of downtown. This area was developed after the original French settlement,… Continue Reading