St. Louis Place, Mid May 2017

There still is plenty of St. Louis Place left, with rows of beautiful houses, dating back to the late Nineteenth Century. But it will require hard work, one house at a time; there is no magic “game changer” project that… Continue Reading


JeffVanderLou Over to St. Louis Place

We were in the area, so we stopped to look at the memorial at Jefferson and Hebert. We also saw this interesting office building, as well as this collapsed building below on the other side of Parnell. The building is… Continue Reading


Returning to College Hill

There was a funeral procession assembling on West Florissant Avenue, so we cut over through College Hill. This continues to be one of the most devastated neighborhoods in the city. It is deeply sad to see how this area has… Continue Reading


Family Photos

I found some old pictures my family took from the Arch back in 1986-7; in the upper left, you can see the Cupples Warehouses sitting vacant. The first Kiener Plaza, now demolished, was just starting construction. The ash trees are… Continue Reading


Wells-Goodfellow #32, Belt Avenue South of Ashland Avenue

The uniformity seen in northwest Wells-Goodfellow changes over to older shotgun wood frame houses and brick bungalows I would expect to see in Dutchtown. The businesses are closed, even though they look like they could have been operational in just… Continue Reading