Revisiting Carondelet: Virginia Avenue Between Loughborough Avenue and Blow Street, Blow Elementary School

It’s interesting to see how a similar pattern of development occurs in different parts of the city. As I showed recently at the old Webster Elementary School in Old North, at the Blow Elementary School in Carondelet, there were original… Continue Reading


Revisiting Carondelet: Michigan Avenue Between Blow and Nagel Streets

The block of Michigan Avenue between Blow and Nagel has some of the most interesting houses in Carondelet. First up, we realize there was actually a wood frame house right on the southwest corner, with an address on Blow Street.… Continue Reading


St. Joseph Croatian Catholic Church and Former Ursuline Convent

The old Ursuline Convent was built in 1850, on land purchased by Archbishop Kenrick with money apparently donated by the King of Bavaria. Devoted to teaching, at one point they managed nineteen schools around the Archdiocese. You can read about… Continue Reading