Westminster Place Between North Taylor and Walton Avenues, North Side

First off, look at this amazing stump! Alright then, moving along, as soon as we move past the gates of Fullerton Place, we are on regular Westminster Place, and the tone of the streetscape completely changes as we walk past… Continue Reading


Westminster Place Between North Newstead and Taylor Avenues, North Side

Moving along to the west past Taylor Avenue, we see more Renaissance and Beaux-Arts mansions mixed in with Romanesque Revival houses, which were rapidly going out of style by the time this street was being developed. And garages have become… Continue Reading


East of Saint Louis University Hospital, In Transition

I was worried about the blocks east of Grand Boulevard and the SLU medical campus that I include in the Tiffany neighborhood, but is really part of the greater Compton Hill area, a richly historic African American community. SLU had… Continue Reading


Salisbury Street Between North Twenty-Fifth Street and North Florissant Avenue, North Side

Salisbury Street in Hyde Park was already a major street, running along the south side of the eponymous park back in 1876, but there’s even more traffic nowadays because it connects the McKinley Bridge to the busy arteries of North… Continue Reading


Geyer Avenue Between Missouri Avenue and Eighteenth Street, North Side

Geyer Avenue through McKinley Heights is an interesting street, as it was platted early, but as the subdivisions on the south side of Lafayette Square were built, it found itself getting turned into the backside of that more prominent neighborhood.… Continue Reading